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Why choose Launchcore

Custom Token Creation

Launchcore allows users to create custom tokens, which can represent any asset, including stocks, commodities, or other cryptocurrencies. The launchpad has a thorough vetting process to ensure that investors are only offered quality projects.

Studio and launchpad

Launchcore features a launchpad that enables new projects to raise funds and launch their tokens. This feature provides a streamlined process for new projects to get off the ground and for users to participate in new opportunities.

NFT Marketplace

Launchcore will create and launch an NFT marketplace for Tokcore. Users can buy, sell and stake unique digital assets.

Community token

The first project launched on Launchcore will be a unique community token known as Bambi token. This token will be used as a reward and incentive for user participation.

Staking platform

Launchcore will offer the possibility for projects to create custom staking reward programs for their holders. Both holders and project developers will benefit from a third party safe platform to trust their assets to.



Gives access to all sales limited buy, Max 1% presale, Supply 500/first year

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Gives access to all sales limited buy, Max 2% presale, Supply 200/first year

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Gives access to all sales limited buy, Max 5% presale, Supply 100/first year

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Launchcore Staking

Launchcore offers the possibility for projects to create custom staking reward programs for their holders. Both holders and project developers will benefit from a safe third party platform to trust their assets to. Some key feature of Lstaking are:

  • Custom staking reward programs to incentivizes token holders
  • Increased TVL
  • Secure and reliable platform
  • Easy to use
  • Flexible staking options
  • Increased community engagement
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Launchcore Foundation

Launchcore was founded by three individuals who met through chance encounters in the blockchain community. Over time, we discovered that each person possessed a unique skill set that complemented the others. After months of discussions, we realized that we could contribute to the blockchain ecosystem by providing exceptional services that stand out from other projects. Launchcore is a multi-chain launchpad that assists new projects in launching and delivering professional products and services. It offers comprehensive development and infrastructure support, making it easier for projects to succeed.

Startup Studio

LaunchCore startup studio that provides a platform for entrepreneurs to launch and grow successful crypto/blockchain businesses. We offer a range of services, including idea generation, team formation, funding, and operational support. LaunchCore's unique approach combines the best practices of venture capital and startup incubators to create a comprehensive support system for startups. Our goal is to help entrepreneurs turn their ideas into reality by providing them with the resources and expertise needed to succeed in today's competitive market.

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Meet our team

Matt Garrett



Strategy & Marketing

Dhanesh CK

Operations & Marketing

Marco Medrano

Product Development

Frequently asked questions

A powerful crypto project that leverages and innovative approach to Web.3 apps to serve as the ultimate gateway to next gen blockchain technology and cryptocurrency projects.

Investor must own and register their Launchcore NFT to be whitelisted for presales. Ownership of the NFTs gives investors different levels of access to buy in, premium access to developers through AMA’s, access to custom promotions and redistribution of the net profits made by the launchpad with airdrops. The NFT will also be used as a manner for investors to vote on projects to be listed on LPad through a DAO.

What are Launchcore nft?Launchcore NFTs are designed with long-term value creation in mind. We believe that great things take time to build properly, and that success will require long-term commitment from the team and a pool of savvy medium/long terms investors. To encourage the fairness of launch’s on LPad all investors are required to be whitelisted.


On top of being a premier token sale creator, LPad aims to incentivize users to continue the use of our platforms. Our goal is to provide a safe environment for all investors that use the Launchcore ecosystem. With this in mind, we have implemented a strict KYC procedure to deter dangerous and deceptive behaviour from entering our platform. We fully evaluate the project’s ability to deliver on promised products and offer full development support to the project owners. Ultimately it is always incumbent on you to choose whether or not you support any given project. While we do the best we can to help you make the best decisions for you by providing you with the best information we can provide. We cannot be held liable for any investment or purchase you make through our launchpad. We make no promise of returns on investment nor do we endorse any promise of return of investment made on our behalf. Please read our terms of use and contact us for with any questions.